Ask Isadora: Is That A Banana In Your Pocket?

Is That A Banana In Your Pocket?

* I have a very curvy penis, somewhat like a banana. My doctor says nothing can really be done, other than going under the knife, which I don’t want to do. I’m afraid if I get into a relationship the girl may be repulsed by it. Should I be concerned or not?

Erect penises come in all sizes, colors and shapes.  While the possibility does exist that a new partner might be taken aback, it’s also possible that she may be delighted with your ability to touch interior places another shape might not. You have what you have. Once you make peace with it, any others who deal with it will do the same.

* There is so  much discussion about erectile dysfunction and pills to take as a solution. How about men who quit ejaculating and lose any sensation of ejaculation? However when away on vacation with my wife for 2 weeks I had four normal ejaculations as a climax to having sex with my wife. I am 77 and my wife is 67. After returning from vacation 6 months ago I have not had a ejaculation. Why can’t I ejaculate except while on vacation? ED pills haven’t helped.

It is very common for men as they age to require far more stimulation in order to become erect and for ejaculations to be less strong, less in amount and in sensation.  It’s also very common for all couples to have better sex when they can take time with sex and are more relaxed. Less stress and outside distractions usually mean better sex. So a combination of factors come into play here. I think you will feel better knowing more about men’s sexuality as they age.  Two excellent books on the topic are Zilbergeld’s Better Than Ever:  Love & Sex at Midlife and Sex and the Aging Male by Robt. Birch.

*I used to enjoy sexual intercourse but all of a sudden I find it hurts.  What can be causing that?

I can give you a list of possible physical conditions from the mildly irritating to the potentially very serious.  But this is not a menu where you can choose from Column A or Column B. Pain indicates something is wrong.  Don’t ignore what your body is telling you. Get yourself to a doctor pronto and find out what.

* I have a long sad story to tell you but, bottom line,  my question is:  Can a man make a woman pregnant after he has had a vasectomy?

The success rate of vasectomy is 99.7%.  If there has been an unpleasant surprise in your life you represent  the 0.3% of men who either have an unsuccessful vasectomy procedure or the vas deferens has managed to grow back together. It is always a good idea to go back for a  sperm count after a vasectomy or before having unprotected sex after some time.

* I am a 69 year old woman who is seriously dating a man of my age.  When and if we take this relationship to the next stage do we have to worry about sexually transmitted conditions?  Which ones?

All of them, I’m afraid, except pregnancy. Age does not provide an automatic immunity nor offer a senior discount.  Consistent use of condoms will reduce the risk.  Both of you can ask your doctors for complete series of STD tests if you intend to be monogamous if you don’t want to use protection all the time.