Ask Isadora: Are the Claims True?

Are the Claims True?

* You have written that there is nothing a man can do to enlarge his penis, but I keep seeing online ads and in magazines for all sorts of products that make a man’s business longer or thicker.  Why would all those products be available if they didn’t work?

Because suckers keep on buying them. Hope trumps common sense every time. If such a product were discovered – a cream or an exercise or a magic  pill – do you think you would only hear about it in a piece of email spam?  It would be on the front pages of every news media in the world.  There is no safe and easy way to enlarge your penis.  You want to impress a  partner?  Learn to be a considerate and creative lover.  That will work like magic most of the time and doesn’t cost a cent.

*  My boyfriend and I have been together on and off for almost 5 years.  I no longer find him attractive and no longer desire him or want to have  sex with him.  Is there any chance that the  good  feelings will return?  I’d like to think so but it doesn’t seem likely.  What do you think?  In your experience when those feelings die do they ever resurface?

It really depends on the reason they disappeared.  If you are angry with your boyfriend, that often smothers all sexual feelings until the cause of your anger is dealt with.  If there are some solvable relationship or sexual issues, the feelings can flourish again when the issues are resolved. If you are depressed and lost all sexual feelings, treating your depression can allow you to feel sexual again.  Before ending your relationship it’s worth exploring what’s going on with you and between you, don’t you think?

* I am a widow who is interested in having a man in my life, but not for sex.  Do you think there are any older gentlemen who would be happy for a woman in their life but not in their bedroom?

My grandmother used to say “there is a lid for every pot.” I’m not so sure that’s true.  Some of my pots have no lids that are a good fit  and I have a few extra lids in my cupboard that have no pots at all.  I’m sure that’s true of human beings too.  Nonetheless, there are certainly men who miss female companionship as well as the traditional nurturing behaviors that older women are likely to provide.  Just be clear with your expectations and ask the man his when there seems to be any possibility of a relationship happening.

*Are there any animals that engage in oral sex besides humans?

Yes. So much for calling it an unnatural act.  Certain apes like the bonobos often show this behavior in same sex as well as opposite sex pairs.  New research seems to indicate that fruit bats sometimes do as well.

* Is there anything a man can do to lower his risk of prostate cancer?  It seems more and more common among older men.

Regular screening for prostate cancers does much to catch tumors at early and controllable stages. I know you’ve heard it before, but a good diet and exercise goes a long way toward preventing a host of ills that affect the ageing body.  Men who manage to lower their cholesterol to desired levels show  much fewer cases of prostate tumors.