Birth Control and Trump Administration

Conducted from Oct. 17 to Oct. 20, 2017 among a national sample of 5,130 adults ages 18 and older, the survey shows that only 36 percent of Americans overall say they would give the Trump administration a very or somewhat good rating on reproductive rights, while 59 percent say they would give the administration a very or somewhat bad rating. Young women are especially critical of the president’s track record: 78 percent said they would give the administration a very or somewhat bad rating on reproductive rights.

This comes as, earlier this month, the Trump administration rolled back the Affordable Care Act mandate that requires employers to cover contraception through their insurance plans. The new rules, which allow companies to opt out of birth control coverage if they object to it for religious or moral reasons, could affect hundreds of thousands of women.

The survey found that the rollback is especially unpopular among young women: 69 percent of women ages 18 to 34 oppose the new exemption. And nearly half (48 percent) of young women also agree that it is “extremely important” for the federal government to require employers to provide birth control coverage in their insurance plans.

Even among young people, though, there are deep political divisions about whether allowing moral or religious exemptions for birth control coverage is a good thing. 84 percent of Democrats between the ages of 18 and 34 oppose the Trump administration’s rollback of the contraception mandate, compared to 65 percent of young independents and only 19 percent of young Republicans, while 79 percent of young Republicans support the rollback.

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