Counseling Services


Isadora Alman, MFT, CST – California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist #ML24319 and Board Certified Sex Therapist      

What Is Counseling?
There may be some areas of your life which are just not as rewarding as you would like them to be. I provide a safe, private place for you to sort out your feelings and thoughts and clarify your priorities. Together we explore options in any given situation. Once you have made whatever decision seems appropriate, I can assist you with resources and techniques for creating the desired changes.

What Kind of Therapy Do You Do?
My orientation is problem-solving, concentrating our joint efforts on defining not necessarily how you got where you are now but how you can get where you want to be, defining goals and learning the tools and techniques for achieving them. My work is cognitively based, however I use whatever might provide positive results, culling techniques from a variety of therapies. If there is an approach which I think would serve you that I can not provide (such as hypnosis or body work) I always offer resources and referrals.

How Does It Work?
Each of us sits in a comfortable seat facing each other. Sometimes you talk and I listen, sometimes I talk while you listen. Most often we discuss together, adult to adult, what is happening in your life and ways to change it for the better. I recommend that you record our conversations and relearn from them at home.

What About Couples Counseling?
I will see any people involved in a relationship (spouses, lovers, roommates, coworkers). Counseling can be done individually or together. I specialize in relationship issues – finding and establishing new ones or improving existing ones, traditional or non. Since I firmly believe that your most important relationship is with yourself, your partner need not be here for you to make significant transformation in what goes on between you.

How Long Does It Take?
You decide how often you want to schedule your appointments. Some people find a few sessions – or even only one – sufficient to examine a particular situation and begin to make important decisions. Others take longer to learn more effective behaviors. Most people like to check in for periodic “tune-ups” as they try out newly learned methods of thinking and being.

Is There A Contract?
Each of us agrees to be honest with the other and to be responsible about keeping appointments. Except for certain situations governed by law, who consults me and what is said remains absolutely confidential. There is no physical contact (although some do prefer a friendly handshake or hug when they leave).

What About Money?
I work in sessions of a full 90 minutes for which I charge $200, individual or couple. I think these sessions of double the customary length of a standard 45 minute therapy “hour” provide the best use of your time and money. I require payment by cash or check at the end of each appointment. Depending on your health coverage, you may be able to get partial reimbursement through your insurance for which I will provide a receipt.

All 90 minute sessions are weekdays between 10:30 and 4:30. Unfortunately, no evening or weekend appointments.

My office is in Alameda, California in the San Francisco Bay area.  For further information or referrals to other therapists email me: