Women Over 50 Apply for Brothel Jobs

Brothel Owner Reveals Spike in Women Over 50 Applying for Work at Nevada Bordellos — and Discovering Financial Success

June 2nd, 2017, Carson City, NV — Dennis Hof, owner of seven licensed brothels throughout the State of Nevada, including the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch, reports that in the past four years there has been a substantial spike in the number of applications he has received from women over the age of 50 seeking work as legal prostitutes. He also states that women age 50 and up are among his most successful working girls.

“My hiring team reports that there has been over a 25% increase in applications from women in their 50’s looking to be working girls,” Hof said, “and the number is steadily rising every year.”

Hof attributes this uptick in employment enquiries to an overall greater awareness of the opportunities legal sex work presents for women of all ages, but he believes that women over fifty are particularly enamored by the idea of starting a new chapter as a prostitute.

“Their kids are grown and they find themselves in an empty nest, having fulfilled their responsibilities as mothers. Many of these quinquagenarian women find themselves underemployed and under stimulated, so of course they’re going to seek opportunities that are exciting and financially lucrative.” Hof said.

Catrina Costa, a legal prostitute who worked in the healthcare industry as an accounting manager for over twenty years prior to becoming a sex worker, agrees. She wrote about her choice to become a prostitute in her 50’s in a recent blog post.


“I grew up to be the wife who always put my needs after the needs of my husband and family,” Costa said. “Then at forty-two, children grown and divorced, I decided to do something for myself and started down a new path exploring facets of life that I had been putting off or had set aside.”

Costa spent nearly a decade in the adult video industry throughout her 40’s, then, on a lark, at age 51, Costa applied for a position at Hof’s Love Ranch brothel near Reno, Nevada and was hired.

“I never thought I would be accepted. Yet, here I am! Having the time of my life!” She said. “Best thing about it is I have never felt younger, and I am proof that it is never too late for a new adventure.” Costa believes that her age allows her a better understanding of the sexual frustration many of her middle-aged and baby boomer clients experience.

“I know what it feels like to be ‘of a certain age’ and sexually unfulfilled — So, I pull out all of the stops and give 150% of myself to make sure that every single adventure is the best.” Costa says.

Hof’s brothels hire women as young as 18, but Hof claims that not every man is looking for the sexy young thing. In fact, the bordello mogul says that the “top bookers” at a few of his sex dens are over 50.

“Air Force Amy, the most famous and financially successful working girl at my Moonlite Bunny Ranch, is over 50 — and the top booker at my Kit Kat Ranch, Cumisha Amado, is also 50.” Hof said.

“Age is not a barrier to success in legal prostitution,” Hof said. “There are no glass ceilings for ambitious women in this industry.”