What People Keep Asking Me About Sex & Relationships

A collection of essays on many aspects of relationships and sexuality many of which have appeared on Psychology Today online in the past few years.  Some titles:  Ten Things Men Need To Know About Sex,  Is it Normal? Am I?, Intimacy vs Sex

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Bluebirds of Impossible Paradises: A Sexual Odyssey of the Seventies

This novel is available in paperback and as an e-book from . If you do read it and if you like it (and if you are of a certain age of course you will) please pass along the good word of mouth to your Baby Boomer friends who might enjoy it too.


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DOING IT: Real People Having Really Good Sex

From positions to polyamory, shared sexual secrets and titillating tips from Ask Isadora column readers and posters on the Sexuality Forum website with commentary from Isadora Alman.


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LET’S TALK SEX: Questions & Answers on Sex and Relationships

If you are not already a fan of the weekly advice column appearing in alternative weeklies this is the time to make its acquaintance. Order an autographed copy directly.


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SEX INFORMATION, MAY I HELP YOU? (Originally issued as Aural Sex & Verbal Intercourse)

Alternating stories about volunteers on a sex information phone line with typical phone conversations, this is a funny and informative glimpse of people interested in sex, both personally and professionally.


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